Star Member Program

Join the DDC Star Member Program

Star Members

If you’re a dedicated driver who participates in a variety of driving activities you should consider joining the Dairyland Driving Club’s Star Member Program.  Plan to Star this year and in years to come.

Purpose of the program

To give those members who invest time and energy into the sport of driving positive recognition as a member of DDC.  This would also allow new and inexperienced members to identify those experienced members for networking.

How the program works

If you decide to join the program you need to keep track of your horse driving activities.  There is a Star Program Log Sheet to use that will also help you understand the activities that qualify for the program.

Each year when you renew your DDC membership, indicate on the membership form if you qualified as a Star Member for the previous year.  The membership list on the web site will have a Star [*] by your name.

Facebook and Coachman

Members are encouraged to report their progress during the season on the DDC Facebook site or provide notes and pictures to the newsletter editor.

Star Prize at Annual Meeting

There are special prizes and recognition of all Stars for the year at the DDC Annual Meeting.

Driving Fool Award

Those who drove horses more than 1,000 miles or drove 200 or more days of the year are Driving Fool award winners.


To have 50%  or more of the DDC members rated as Stars.

Minimum Requirements:
1. Hours to Drive – Minimum 60 hours to qualify
2. DDC Club Drives – Minimum of 50% participation – you can be a driver, passenger, or just come to chat.
3. Number of days participating in other (non-DDC) organized driving activities (list one per line) (Minimum 10 to qualify – includes driving and volunteering)
4. DDC Volunteer Hours (Minimum 20 Hours to Qualify)